Russian youth, war, and independent journalists in exile

The Russian online magazine DOXA is this year's winner of the Norwegian Student Peace Prize. The committee highlights their work exposing corruption and sexual harassment at universities, documenting state persecution, and fighting government disinformation, as well as their uncompromising reporting on Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Because of the development in the political situation in Russia over the last years, the magazine now works through a network of editors who live in exile, local informants, and anonymous journalists.

In this episode of The World Stage, DOXA editors Ekaterina Martynova, Nikita Kuchinskii and Aleksandra Guliaeva speaks to Tora Berge Naterstad about their work, their generation of young Russians, and how this generation is reacting to Russia’s war on Ukraine. How do these three make sense of the turbulent journey that has taken them from joining a student newspaper at their university, to being part of a network of Russian independent journalist in exile across Europe? 

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