59) The Spy Left in the Cold

It was a pleasure to talk with Tim Tate about the story of America's best spy; Micahel Goleniewski. Author of the book "The Spy Who Was Left In The Cold" (soon to be released in America titled "Agent Sniper"), Tim Tate read hundreds of once-classified CIA documents, and interviewed many to truly understand Goleniewski's story. Goleniewski, a.k.a. Agent Sniper, has a story filled with betrayal, drama, and even pure insanity. 

Tim Tate is a best-selling author, multiple award-winning documentary film-maker and investigative journalist. In a career spanning almost four decades, Tim has published sixteen non-fiction books, made more than 80 documentary films for all British and several international networks, and written for national and regional newspapers.

Three of his books have become best-sellers. His films have been honored by Amnesty International, The Royal Television Society, UNESCO, The Association for International Broadcasting, the New York festivals, the US National Academy of Cable Broadcasting and the International Documentary Association.

Website - https://timtate.co.uk/

Books - https://timtate.co.uk/books/ 

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