67) The Fermi Paradox

Where is extraterrestrial life and why haven't we seen anything, dead or alive, yet? I mean, Matt Williams tells me maybe we have already with Oumuamua Oumuamua, but that's still up for debate among researchers. Why haven't we confirmed anything outside our planet yet? Enter, the Fermi Paradox. In today's episode, we discussed some more proposed solutions; The Zoo Hypothesis, The Dark Forest Theory, The Great Filter to name a few covered. (Part 2 - episode 66).

Bio: Hello all. I’m a space/astronomy journalist and a science communicator. And I also enjoy reading and writing hard science fiction. It’s not just because of my day job, it’s also something I’ve been enthused about since I was young. By the time I was seventeen, I began writing my own fiction and eventually decided it was something I wanted to pursue.

Aside from writing about things that are ground in real science, I prefer the kind of SF that tackles the most fundamental questions of existence. Like “Who are we? Where are we going? Are we alone in the Universe?” In any case, that’s what I have always striven for: to write stories that address these questions, and the kind of books that people are similarly interested in them would want to read.

Over the years, I have written many short stories and three full-length novels, all which take place within the same fictional universe. In addition, I have written over a thousand articles for a number of publications on the subjects of science, technology, astronomy, history, cosmology, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

My articles can be found here:

Universe Today

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