88) El Chapo w/ Noah Hurowitz

I'm sure you've heard the name; El Chapo. In today's episode, we talk about the environment that allowed El Chapo to thrive and prosper at the expense of others. One example of this environment; how the war on drugs was actually successful to certain people/organizations.

Bio of Noah Hurowitz: I am a freelance reporter based in New York City. I originally started covering domestic drug policy in the U.S., and began covering the drug trade and war on drugs in Mexico when I covered the trial of El Chapo for Rolling Stone. My goal in the work I do is to find innovative and engaging ways to illuminate the stories of people impacted by larger structures and policies while showing how those structures and policies function, who profits from them, and how a better world might emerge from the wreckage of this one.

Website - https://muckrack.com/noah-hurowitz

Book - https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/El-Chapo/Noah-Hurowitz/9781982133757

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