55) Star Wars Philosophy

Glad to welcome Dr. Cyrus R.K. Patell on the show to discuss the philosophies that surround Star Wars. Dr. Patell is the author of "Lucasfilm: Filmmaking, Philosophy, and the Star Wars Universe," which is part of the Philosophical Filmmakers series.

Book - https://www.amazon.com/Lucasfilm-Filmmaking-Philosophy-Philosophical-Filmmakers/dp/1350100609

Website - https://patell.net/

Profile (bio copy and pasted below) - https://nyuad.nyu.edu/en/academics/divisions/arts-and-humanities/faculty/cyrus-r-k-patell.html

Artwork by Phillip Thor - https://linktr.ee/Philipthor_art.

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(Shortened Bio)

Cyrus R. K. Patell is Professor of Literature at NYUAD and Professor of English at NYU in New York. He began his scholarly career as a specialist in 19th- and 20th-century US literature and culture, but his recent scholarship and teaching has centered on the theory and practice of cosmopolitanism, on late-20th century US emergent literatures, and onGlobal Shakespeare. He has served as Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Undergraduate Honors for the English Department at NYU.  From 2010-2013, Patell was the Associate Dean of Humanities for NYU Abu Dhabi.

At NYU Abu Dhabi, Patell teaches a variety of courses including "Foundations of Literature I & II," "Global Shakespeare," and "Technophilia and Its Discontents." Past courses include "Classic American Literature," "The Cosmopolitan Imagination,"  "Global Text: Moby-Dick" (with Shamoon Zamir), "Shakespeare and Cosmopolitanism," and "Speculative Fiction."

Recent publications include Emergent U.S. Literatures (NYU Press, 2014) and Cosmopolitanism and the Literary Imagination (Palgrave, 2015).

Patell serves as the publisher for Electra Street: A Journal of the Arts and Humanities and its sister publication, Airport Road, a journal of student creative work. He is also the director of  the NYUAD Global Shakespeare Project.

Patell received his AB, AM, and PhD in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard University.

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