Episode 11: The challenges of building out a product at seed stage, and what to focus on w/ Co Founder & CTO of Buildout, Jason Tillery

In this episode, Jason talks about being a CTO at a rapidly growing seed company. Although, this is an exciting phase to roll your product out, there are many challenges any product person will face. Jason goes over several points: - Relying only on existing customer feedback, but having a hard time getting external feedback to build a better product. - Lack of good developers, as a founder and CTO, your job turns into recruiting for a good amount of time. - Learning a completely new market, and building a product around an area you are not familiar with. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A huge thanks to Go Moment, Quake VC, Strtupboost for helping me put this together: For founders who have a seed stage company, looking for funding, please apply to the Quake Accelerator (link below).www.quakecapital.com/www.gomoment.com/www.strtupboost.comPlease Subscribe and leave a review! We would love the feedback, so we can build a better podcast for Founders:)Please click here to sign up for updates and our newsletter: https://www.theunsexystartup.com/Thank you for your support!

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