Episode 15: The challenges of being a founder from both sides of the table w/ Former VC @ GV, and CEO/ Founder of Modsy, Shanna Tellerman

Shanna Tellerman sold her company, transitioned in VC when she was an investor @ GV. She quickly transitioned back into being a founder and scaled her second company, Modsy. Tune in to hear the challenges Shanna faced when transitioning from VC back to Founder! Would really appreciate the feedback so I can build a better podcast for our listeners. Shoot me an email here, I would love to hear what you have to say :) (sumaytoo@gmail.com) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A huge thanks to Go Moment, Quake VC, Strtupboost for helping me put this together: For founders who have a seed stage company, looking for funding, please apply to the Quake Accelerator (link below). www.quakecapital.com/ www.gomoment.com/ www.strtupboost.com/ www.rothemedia.audio/ Subscribe and leave a review! Sign up for updates and our newsletter: https://www.theunsexystartup.com/

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