Why Your Only Move That Matters is Your Next with Jenny Blake

When I was going through a rough patch I came to one of two conclusions: I’m either destined to be unhappy forever because I keep hitting these existential crises every few years and our society only has two words for them. It’s either a midlife crisis or a quarter-life crisis. Or this crisis state is accelerating and we’re all going to be experiencing it more frequently. As I started doing research for the book, I realized that the latter was really the case…Typically when businesses talk about pivoting it’s to change strategy to save the business from collapse. Plan A didn’t’ work so now they have to pivot or die. And in our careers it’s different. Pivot is now the new normal. Actually Pivot is a state of mind and it’s a method that we can all get better at. It’s also a privilege to ask what’s next. Part of hitting a career plateau or pivot point is that’s a sign of our success. – Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is an international speaker, career and business strategist and executive coach. She’s also the author of Pivot: The Only Move the Matters is your Next One


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