Using Math to Find Love on OkCupid with Chris Mcinklay

Chris Mckinlay’s disparate career path has led to working as a Chinese- English translator, playing team blackjack, and eventually a math PHD program at UCLA. The perfect real world scenario to test the the knowledge gained from his math PHD was OkCupid. And using math to hack OkCupid eventually led to meeting the love of his life. 

  • A look at an unconventional college experience in China
  • Why intentional discomfort is instrumental to growth 
  • How to deal with the feeling that you don’t fit in 
  • The realities of survival in other parts of the world
  • Learning to reorient your life in order to find meaning
  • Life as a professional blackjack player
  • Using a painful experience as a powerful opportunity for growth
  • Learning to see connections and patterns in your work 
  • The myths that technology will drastically improve your life
  • Balancing the qualitative and quantitative elements of dating 
  • Hilarious online dating anecdotes and things to avoid 
  • How Chris’ appearance on Wired led to other opportunities

Resources Mentioned

How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find Love


Chris Mcinklay has a PhD in Mathematics from UCLA. 


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