Using Language to Rewrite the Future with Dave Logan

Dave Logan has been blending ideas from both the academic and business world to do work that creates true change in organizations and individuals. In this episode we get into the three laws of performance, and how to use the power of words to reinvent our future.

  • Blending ideas from the academic and business world
  • Why business is the most powerful force on the planet
  • Discovering the work that makes you feel at home
  • The foundations for the three laws of performance
  • The synthesis of neuroscience, rhetoric, and transformational work
  • An insightful look into how language shapes our experience of the world
  • Using language to create situations and make changes on a dime
  • Developing a word map to leverage language to rewrite the future
  • Learning to make sense of things that you didn’t cause at all
  • The five languages of leadership and how they influence our lives
  • The language of change to rewrite the future
  • One of the big reasons that affirmations don’t work The “oracle” question and the idea of the default future
  • Replacing your default future with your invented future
  • Why a massive setback will occur when you head towards an invented future
  • Why we need a support system to help us get through challenges
  • The power of embracing the darkness of your own nature

Dave Logan is the author of Tribal Leadership, The Three Laws Performance and a professor at USC’s Marshall School of Business. 


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