Unmistakable Classic: The First 20 Hours of Learning Any New Skill with Josh Kaufmann

Josh Kauffman is a poster child for how to give yourself an education that kicks the crap out of the one you got in school. Instead of going to business school, he decided to create a Personal MBA. The result has been a book that sold over 130,000 copies, and an incredible journey. In this interview we get into the first 20 hours of learning any new skill.

  • What You Can Learn from the Marketing of Procter and Gamble 
  • Insights into How You Can Conduct Consumer Research
  • The Importance of Rapid Experimentation in Your Early Days
  • The Advantages You Have Over Procter and Gamble
  • Translating Data and Insights into Something Actionable
  • Why You Should Tune Out What Other People Are Doing
  • The Power of Taking a Very Strong Stand on Things
  • Dissecting How to Give Yourself an MBA 
  • An In-Depth Exploration of Self-Directed Learning
  • Deconstructing Things into Smaller Parts
  • The Growth and Many Iterations of the Personal MBA
  • The #1 Mistake You've Heard 1,000 Times 
  • Seeds for What Resulted in the First 20 Hours
  • An In-Depth Look into Josh's Accelerated Learning Model

Josh Kaufman is the bestselling author of The First 20 Hours and The Personal MBA. His work helps people make more money, get more done, and have more fun. You can follow him on twitter @joshkaufman.


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