Truly Human Leadership with Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman is a different kind of leader, one who treats the employees who work for him like members of his family. And what Bob refers to as Truly human leadership has not only led to increased employee satisfaction, but record growth for this company. In this episode we talk about the difference between leadership and management, and changing the broken language of business. 


  • Why Giving People Hope is a Key for Leadership
  •  The Journey from Accountant To CEO 
  • How Business Could Be The Most Powerful Force for Good
  • Learning to Develop a Vision for Your Future 
  • Changing the Language of Business for More Optimal Outcomes
  • How Adversity Causes us to Grow
  • The Difference between Creating a Budget and a Vision 
  • Grounded Optimism vs Delusional Optimism
  • Not Seeing People as Functions 
  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management 


From my greatest challenges came my greatest growth. 

Go live the life of the person you want to be remembered by. 


Why Everybody Matters by Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia.

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek


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