The Difference Between Living in Your Head and Living in Your Heart with Nick Onken

Nick Onken’s journey began at crossroads of art and technology, with his work in desktop publishing and design. Upon discovering his passion for more hands-on means of expression, he eventually chose to take the entrepreneurial leap into digital photography.

  • How an early trip to Africa opened Nick’s eyes to photography
  • Why you should be constantly creating in order to improve your art
  • Nick’s signature point of view, found in his art of capturing moments
  • Reconnecting or reawakening your childhood dreams
  • The power of going back to analog methods of creation
  • The dangers of the digital trance and its impact on creativity
  • How design influences everything that we do in the world
  • The balance between living in the moment and capturing the moment
  • Learning to recognizing the moments when doors open in your life
  • The problem with looking at the world through formulas and rules
  • Why you should look at good work and curate what you’re attracted to
  • The challenges of marrying art and commerce
  • Brick walls, obstacles and plateaus of every creative journey
  • Developing a unique point of view by finding your personal joy and passion in the world
  • Listening to your intuition in order to find your creative resonance
  • Expanding your default to increase the field of your subconscious
  • Why your point of view and brand make you unmistakable

Nick Onken’s practice is based around unadulterated passion and creative resonance. Based out of New York City, and fueled by curiosity and inspiration, he travels the world to capture souls, stories and moments.


Resources and People Mentioned

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna


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