The Best of 2014: The Moment Everything Starts With Sarah Peck

In this best of 2014 episode, we revisit our interview with Sarah Peck. Sarah is an writer/designer/entrepreneur whose life has been deeply influenced by swimming and writing. In this chat we discuss lessons she’s learned on her journey from college swim team member to writer and open water swimmer, whose swims have included braving the treacherous waters of San Francisco bay to make it to Alcatraz and back.


  • The “not good enough” narrative that we all deal with
  • Changing our narratives to serve us rather than sabotage us
  • Why we can’t be too hard on our egos
  • How learning not to stop can be life changing
  • Letting of the things we think we’re capable of for something better
  • Why it’s ok for things to be incredibly difficult
  • Trials and tribulations of Sarah’s college swimming experience
  • How open water swimming changed Sarah’s life
  • Why challenges, quitting, and obstacles reveal who we are 
  • Leveraging incredible mental frameworks to overcome pain
  • Fighting through pain when you’re absolutely miserable
  • Why the worst of times reveals somebody’s true character
  • The correlation between happiness and hard work
  • Why pain is a signal from your body
  • Learning to recognize and leverage your areas of expertise
  • Why Sarah teaches writing as a mechanism to get access to your inner wisdom
  • The power of committing to the act of creating and doodling 


Sarah Peck is a writer, open water swimmer, designer-entrepreneuer and urban nerd who is on a mission is to find and capture insights from everyday, extraordinary living an share them with others


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