The Art of Producing Reality TV with Jerry Kolber

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with reality television producer about Jerry Kolber about his work on shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, National Geographic documentaries and Brain Games. We also talk about why the story you’re telling is so essential to any creative project you’re working on. 

  • Inside the NYU Ecosystem of Creative Professionals
  • Using a meditation practice for career guidance 
  • A creative framework for working with limited resources
  • Dealing with significant career failures 
  • Learning to Separate Your Identity from Your Work 
  • Why you have to connect to people to find opportunities
  • The Reason Story Is So Essential to Your Creative Process
  • Inside the reality television production process 
  • Why we always have some version of the creative struggle


The nature of the universe is honest good work gets recognized

Jerry is a writer, producer, and Buddhist. Projects include Queer Eye, Inked, National Geographic documentaries, and more.


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