The Art of Full Self Expression with Sheri Sanders

“I think one of the things is not looking at the result. Something that has grown very evident in me, and it came from being a teacher, the work that we always do in my classroom is process work not product work. What we want to do when go into the audition room is we want to show these people that “hey, this what this song does to me, And it’s not polished and it’s not perfect, but I’m in the moment and I’m in the music.” If we’re using musical theater, which I think applies to going in for a job interview, or anything that we’re doing to put our work out there, that we come in and say “this is me in the process I’m in with this material. I want you to see how I play with material. I want you to witness me being in my experience.” – Sheri Sanders

In 2004, Sheri Sanders created an audition class in NYC called Rock The Audition: A Masterclass in Auditioning for Rock Musicals – and it became a cult hit. Since then, Sheri has become the world’s preeminent popular music repertoire coach, a Hal Leonard published author, and has taught at more than 55 musical theatre programs all over the country – instructing performers and their professors and coaches to successfully interpret all styles of popular music.


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