Scratch Beginnings, 25 Dollars and a Homeless Shelter with Adam Shepard

Adam Shepard decided to start in a random city with 25.00 and the clothes on his back to see if he could achieve his version of the American Dream by going from the 25 to 2500 Dollars. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation. 

  • Finding that one little bit of greatness inside of you
  • Mastering the art of diving in head first to everything
  • The numerous businesses that Adam failed at 
  • How failure prepares you for the moments you get punched
  • Drawing inspiration from those around you who get back up
  • Learning to respect the failures that happen in your life 
  • Lessons learned from the world of college basketball
  • Learning that you have to be great at one or two things
  • Why 10,000 hours of practice doesn’t guarantee a thing
  • Considering the practical aspects of living your life 
  • The unexpected things that were in a homeless shelter
  • Lessons from people who live in the homeless shelter
  • The misperception we have of homeless people 
  • Why speed matters so much in your goals 
  • The importance of looking at things day to day 
  • Breaking goals up into small pieces that seem achievable


After a whirlwind journey that took his self-published book to the Today Show, CNN, Fox News, and NPR, Adam sold Scratch Beginnings to HarperCollins and made appearances on the Dave Ramsey Show and 20/20. You can laern more about him at his web site,


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