Redemption and Reinvention After a Life Sentence with Andy Dixon- Part 2

Andy Dixon’s life has been anything but conventional. Born into a life of crime, he grew up imprinted with the notion that violence translated to love. In this amazing story, Andy talks about a journey of redemption and reinvention after a life sentence.

  • Coming from a long line of people who lived outside the law
  • An early vision of possibility in Andy’s life
  • How Andy wound up shooting somebody at age 12
  • Why the “nerds” in high school became friends with Andy
  • Returning to a life of crime after finishing high school
  • What it’s like to be $700,000 in debt as a criminal
  • What it’s like to be an unconditional taker and never give
  • The meeting with a spiritual leader that changed Andy’s prison time
  • A pivotal moment that caused Andy to let go of violence
  • The AIDS epidemic in the prison system
  • How the prison system takes advantage of the individuals in it
  • The marriage case that found its way to the Tennessee Supreme court
  • The generational issue that exists in the prison system
  • A look how we deal with maternal loss as children
  • The transformation from violence to nonviolence

Andy Dixon spent 27 years in Tennessee prisons, and has since committed himself to altering the generational conviction cycle, particularly with America’s youth. Through an open dialogue and open heart, he has changed the lives of hundreds, facilitating rehabilitation and hope rather than continued violence and sigma.


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