Living an Insanely Productive Life with Chris Bailey

In this episode of the podcast, Chris Bailey talks about lessons learned from a year of conducting experiments in productivity. 


  • A series of productivity experiments that led to Chris’ year long project 
  •  Learning to see what our potential future could be
  • The importance of spending your time on things you value and add meaning to your life 
  • Why the idea of what we want to do is so much sexier than what we have to do 
  • Leveraging the power of curiosity for information retention
  • Designing productivity experiments for your own life 
  •  Using meditation as a way change how you relate to experiences
  • The 3 Key Things That Lead to Productivity 
  • Understanding the difference between being busy and productive
  • Why sleep is so critical to our productivity 
  • Triggers that cause us to procrastinate on a reward


The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Getting things Done by David Allen 


Productive people are the ones who connect the most dots. 

Not many people change the world through social media. 

For exactly one year, beginning May 1st, 2013, Chris Bailey decided to follow his passion and devour everything he could get his hands on about productivity, and then write every day about what he learned on A Year of Productivity


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