Listener Favorites: Kamal Ravikant | The Profound Power of Personal Commitment

If we make a practice in our lives, like going to the gym or eating healthy, if you want to lose weight and be fit, or you want to be chiseled, you’ve got to make a practice. It’s a daily practice. You can’t go to the gym for a week and eat cake for 30 days nonstop and say “hey what happened? I was getting in shape.”

Whether you’re feeling bad or feeling good, that doesn’t matter. It’s just your practice, like when you wake up and when you go to sleep. There are certain things you do. It’s a fundamental practice. Just like you talk about with writing. It’s a practice. Then you hit the flow state. Same thing in life. You make it a practice. Life hits a flow state.

Things in life happen. People die. Nothing we can do to stop that. People we love die. Things happen. When we hit that flow state we bounce back much faster. The things that used to bring us down don’t bring us down like before. Then it’s only the real tragedies in life that bring us down. When a loved one dies, it’s a real tragedy and that should bring you down. It’s good to have loved someone that way and feel the loss. But the other stuff, the other garbage, the 99 percent of the stuff that brings us down that doesn’t matter lessens and its power over us lessens. So, I would say to someone who is either down or up, what matters is a fundamental daily practice of working on your inner self that keeps you in your personal flow. - Kamal Ravikant

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