Infusing Entrepreneurship into the Classroom with Kevin Brookhouser

In this episode of the Unmistakable Creative, educator and high school teacher Kevin Brookhouser talks about how he infuses entrepreneurship into the classroom and the power of what he calls 20 times projects.


  • The role that technology is playing in education 
  • Applying insights from Google into running a classroom
  • Leveraging autonomous projects as part of your business plan
  • Changing our cultural expectation of what a classroom should look like 
  • How students are leveraging projects to serve their community 
  • The power of building and creating things for an authentic an audience 
  • Understanding what motivates people to be truly innovative 
  • 3 key factors that motivate students and lead to innovation and creativity
  •  Reaching the students who have had the “spark” schooled out of them 
  • Designing education for parents who homeschool their kids 
  • The ongoing emphasis on student centered learning 
  • Why every adult should have a 20 percent time project 



A Whole New Mind

Kevin Brookhouser is a Google Apps Certified Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher based in Monterey, California. He has trained a wide variety of groups and individuals to use Google and other tools to save time, increase collaboration, and enjoy technology. You can follow him on twitter @brookhouser


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