Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times with Allison Carmen

Allison Carmen, author of The Gift of Maybe talks about how we can use the power of maybe to find hope and possibility in uncertain times. 


  • How We Suffer from Our Addiction to Certainty
  • Why Our Stories Cause us to Spin out of Control
  • Using the Power of Maybe To Create Possibility
  • Moving form Intellectual Understanding to Awareness
  • The 2 Questions We Can Ask Ourselves 
  •  How Hope and Possibility Shifts us to Presence
  • The Story of Regret That Limits Us 
  • Letting go of Our Need for Life to be Linear 
  • Achieving More by Embracing Uncertainty 


If you’re afraid of uncertainty, it’s impossible to have hope 

The unknown is your best friend because that’s where your life is going to change

The suffering is not from the goal. The suffering is from how it has to happen

As a coach, business consultant and author, Allison Carmen has developed the simple life philosophy called “Maybe” to help people deal with the uncertainty of life. She has successfully applied the philosophy to help her clients, who range from entrepreneurs and owners of multi-million dollar companies to artists, actors, writers, fashion designers, attorneys, health care workers, parents, nannies and the homeless. You can follow her on twitter @giftofmaybe


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