Failing Your Way to Success with Beate Chelette

We are remembered by how other people remember us. We live only through the memories of the people who we touched. So if we didn’t touch anybody, but we have a really big bank account, we’re not really remembered. But if we are remembered, people say “When I listened to what you said, when I saw what you created, when I read what you wrote, when I got my treatment from you, this is how you made me feel” and I’ve created an emotional with you, and this emotion is creativity. Creativity evokes emotion. In this creativity, in this emotion, within it lies a sort of eternity. – Beate Chelette

Beate Chelette is the author of “Happy Woman Happy World: The Foolproof Fix That Takes You from Overwhelmed to Awesome.” (Visualist Publishing, 2013) and a respected speaker, coach, and successful entrepreneur. After selling her creative company in 2006 to Bill Gates for millions of dollars, Chelette pursued her mission of building a global community of women who will collaborate and support each other

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