Ellen Fondiler: Listening to the Voice of Courage

Do you need energized motivation to find meaningful work in your life? Then Ellen Fondiler is the woman for you! A lifelong entrepreneur who has worked as a death penalty attorney, started many non-profits, and helped fund raise for education, Fondiler wants you to listen to the voice of courage in your life to help you fulfill your potential. She wants you to live the best, most rewarding life you can. Want to know how she believes you can do this? Listen to this podcast to find out!

Ellen Fondiler is a lifelong entrepreneur who has worked as a death penalty attorney, a baker, a documentary filmmaker, an award-winning landscape designer, a nonprofit director and fundraiser who raised millions to bring an educational project and eco-sanctuary to her community. She has an advice column called Ask Ellen where she shares her best advice on how to create the career that you want, and she runs the blog UNLOCKED.


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