Building Systems for Creativity and Magic with Sebastian Marshall

I think the eventual target you want to hit is at least 2 hours of most important maker work. Everybody I know who does 4 hours of whatever’s most important every single day is very successful. Sometimes your wrong, you go down a rabbit hole, and it doesn’t work. That’s fine. It’s part of the game. As long you as do 10 minutes, you’ve got a placeholder in your life, and things keep moving forward. It’s when you take 2 weeks off, suddenly things get dusty, you don’t remember what you’re going to do. People get busy, forget what’s important and then don’t get what they want. – Sebastian Marshall


Sebastian Marshall is an avid student of history and strategy, and digs into historical eras from Sengoku Japan to the Renaissance, the Napoleonic Wars and the Pax Brittanica, the Rise of House Rothschild and John Rockefeller, Bismarck and Moltke’s Unification of Germany, the Roman Republic and its various conflicts and shifting alliances, the Great Dynasties and Inventions of China, through to modern-day information economies, publishers, and pioneers. 


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