Best of 2015: Designing Your Environment for Optimal Performance and Creativity with Jim Bunch

Jim Bunch talks about rapid transformation, why will power fails to change the behavior of 96% of people and, how you can design your environment for optimal performance and and creativity. 

  • Why transformation has been the glue that held together Jim’s businesses 
  • The importance of having a bigger brighter vision for the future 
  • A Look at why willpower fails to change the behavior of 96% of people
  • How every environment we’re in inspires or expires us 
  • Designing your environments so that they express your values
  • Shifting the focus of your efforts from yourself to what you can contribute to the world
  • The 3 foundational components that influence of our success 
  • Using environments to create the behavior you want to cultivate 

People and Resources Mentioned

Tony Robbins Personal Power II Program

Conversations with God 

The Yourturn Challenge 

The 90-day Challenge


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Jim Bunch is the founder of The Ultimate Game of Life and has been a leader in the coaching and personal transformation industry for over 20 Years. Also referred to as “The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur,” Jim has coached and mentored some of the world top business and thought leaders. You can follow him on twitter @itsjimbunch


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