Best Of: Inside the Psychology of Cults with Bob Gower

In classic cult psychology or cult literature, there’s really two characteristics to a cult. First is that it’s ideologically intense and of course that can describe a lot of organizations. Everything from say something like the Landmark forum to the United States of America. We have an ideology that sits behind the organization. In order to be a part of the US government you have to adopt a certain kind of ideology. There’s this idea that we have an ideology. And cults for that reason pray on people like myself who really want to make the world a better place, want to change the world or feel dissatisfied in some way. There can be political cults. There are quite a few of those out there. There can be spiritual cults. There can be even commercial cults. Real estate is apparently a really common place right now where you find people who are learning how to flip houses and do all this stuff. And they began to develop these really intense ideology around how they approach the world and how they see the world. – Bob Gower


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