Are We Moving To a Machine Made World?

In this episode we take a look at how technology is changing the world of work and what jobs will be eliminated by machines.

  • A look back at last week’s episode and the listener feedback
  • Why you should challenge our thinking with your conversations
  • Making a living from the things that you’re capable of doing
  • Taking the 10,000 hour approach to early education
  • Why it’s possible take nurturing a talent too far
  • The machines that are starting to replace our jobs
  • The question of whether we want to move towards a machine made world
  • Why creativity is a modern business advantage
  • Learning to blend our creativity with technological advances
  • The nostalgia for artisans in a high tech world 
  • Why we must be aware of how technologies will eliminate so many jobs
  • How the low barrier to entry to makes it necessary to be remarkable

People and Resources Mentioned

Average is Over by Tyler Cowen 

Amazon’s drone video


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