A Lightbulb Moment with Mike Del Ponte

In this episode SOMA Water Filter founder Mike DelPonte shares his story of how a light bulb moment lit the spark for starting his company and the essential questions to ask in order to discover our calling. 


  • The three questions to ask if you want to find your calling
  • Lessons learned from running a global nonprofit
  • Why being a great thinker is essential to your growth
  • How difficult jobs give us perspective on life 
  • Insights into accelerated growth at an early stage startup
  • Dealing with the extreme highs and lows of entrepreneurship
  • Making decisions based on love instead of fear
  • Finding clarity through discernment


People only settle if they believe they can’t get something better 

Fear is only worry about the future and the past. There’s no fear in the present. 

Mike Del Ponte is a social entrepreneur, speaker, and health hacker. Mike is the co-founder and CEO of Soma. Soma makes make products to positively impact millions of lives. The first product is an award winning glass water filter. For every filter sold, Soma donates clean drinking water to people in need through charity: water. 


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