Milky Quayle: Training the Next Generation (Part Two)

In part two of his interview with Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater, TT winner Milky Quayle talks more about his TT racing career as well as the next chapter in his relationship with the event, training the newcomers every year.

Milky discusses the feeling of not only stepping onto the podium at the event, but then stepping onto the top spot. He talks about the struggle of paying to race at the event and shares stories of some of the other jobs he took on to pay his way, including working security at a clothes shop and pulling pints at the pub.

Now the man to teach newcomers the ropes, Milky talks about his process for preparing them for the unique nature of the TT, he tells Chris and Steve about some of the riders who couldn’t get their head around the event and those who excelled.

The Manxman also discusses his decision to retire and have a family, something he says allowed him to leave without regret after his infamous crash in 2003. As a man who gets involved with many aspects of the event, Milky explains his love of the TT and the Isle of Man.

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