Ian Lougher: From Rider to Manager (Part Two)

In the second part of Ian Lougher’s conversation with Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater, the guys talk about his first TT win, which was in 1990. Ian explains how it was a challenging year with frustration at the European Championships and a misbehaving bike at the North West 200. 

Chris and Steve ask Ian how he’s maintained his passion for motorsport for 40 years. He tells them about how he does question himself, but keeps on coming back to the sport.

Ian shares his memories of Joey and Robert Dunlop, describing how different the two were, including on a trip to Macau for an awards ceremony. He also shares why he was always so befuddled by Phillip McCallen.

Today, Ian works as a team manager and tells Chris and Steve about the satisfaction he gains seeing the riders he champions making improvements.

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