Gary Thompson MBE: Man in Charge (Part One)

This week on the TT podcast, hosts Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater are joined by a man who wields a great influence on the events at the world’s greatest racing festival, Clerk of the course, Gary Thompson MBE.

Gary goes right back to the beginning of his time as a soldier in the army, explaining why the regimented environment there was great preparation for managing the TT and how he managed to turn a childhood love of racing into a career.

He also gives an insight into what a day at the races is like for a clerk of the course, describing why he wakes up at 6am every day and how his team works together to pull off the mammoth task of preparing the course.

Not just the man in charge at the TT, Gary also holds both MBE and BEM medals and tells the stories of how they came about to Chris and Steve, including organising the largest land operation since WWII, as well as the big responsibilities he had dealing with members of the royal family.

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Music by Calva Louise - latest album ‘Euphoric’ out now.

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