Dr Gareth Davies: Caring for Riders and The TT Itself (Part Two)

This episode of the TT Podcast is part two of Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater’s conversation with Dr Gareth Davies.

As one of the Chief Medical Officers for the TT, Gareth explains how Senior Race Day looks from his perspective - explaining the checks and simulations which the medical team sort before roads close, all the way to the decisions about where to land the helicopters if needed.

Gareth tells the guys how proud he is of the 40-50 strong volunteer team which come to the Island each year to support the races.

Discussing the impact the Covid-19 gap had on the TT, Gareth says it enabled him and the other bosses to step back and consider their roles as custodians of the event: meaning they need to work to eliminate unnecessary risks, and make sure the TT is there for their children and children’s children.

The guys chat about the impact that witnessing tragic events can have on people in Gareth’s position; and also the way lessons regularly get learned and fed into the events to make sure the races continue to get safer.

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