Dr Gareth Davies: The Doctor Will See You Now (Part One)

Joining Chris Pritchard and Steve Plater on this week’s episode of The TT Podcast is Dr Gareth Davies, one of the TT’s Chief Medical Officers.

Manx born and bred, Gareth tells the guys about his passion for the races, sharing experiences from his days watching from the hedgerows with his dad. He was fascinated by sidecars growing up, and had always wanted to ride or be a passenger. As Gareth tells Chris and Steve, his mum had other ideas.

Until recently, Gareth was Medical Director of London’s Air Ambulance. He explains how his experience helping at the TT as a newly qualified doctor gave his career the start it needed.

The guys discuss the importance of medical response at the TT, and the impact this has had on the work of paramedics around the world, where open heart surgery can now be performed in the street.

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Music by Calva Louise - latest album ‘Euphoric’ out now.

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