The Mindful Millionaire Community: Changing Lives Through Financial Awareness With Leisa Peterson

More and more people are coming to recognize the link between financial freedom and human spiritual potential – a connection that Leisa Peterson has spent her whole career unraveling. Standing at the helm of The Mindful Millionaire Community, Leisa possesses the unique ability to draw knowledge from various disciplines to create a deeper understanding of prosperity and the inner journey. In her book, The Mindful Millionaire, she explores the process she has created from this knowledge that allows her tribe of thousands to experience money breakthroughs and financial healings. Now that the world is facing a crisis that affects every aspect of people’s lives, people are increasingly resonating with her tribe’s core mission and message. In her conversation with Mitch Russo, we can take a look at how she started her tribe and how she leads a vast and rapidly-growing community through a paid membership model.

Listen in as we explore the building of a community, the passion behind the mission and the people who go to great lengths to change the world and attract only those who are fully aligned with their vision.