S2, Ep 10 Christmas Special, Peter and Artemis in the pub (2019)

It's Christmas and TTT is one year-old! For this episode of Travels Through Time we went to the pub for a pint to celebrate.

One year, twenty six brilliant time travels, the best historians and tens of thousands of downloads from all corners of the world! We thought that all of this was worth celebrating with something a little different to usual. So we decided to toast TTT's first birthday with a drink.

In this episode you'll hear Peter and Artemis chatting about the idea for the format, revealing a little bit more about themselves and picking some favourite moments from the last year. At the very end we have some lines of wintry poetry from Sir Michael Palin.

Thank you to all of our wonderful interviewees over the past year and to History Today for partnering with us. We'll be back with the usual format on Tuesday 7 January, 2020.

Till then, a Merry Christmas to you all from us.

Show notes:

In the pub; Peter Moore and Artemis Irvine

Not speaking but in the pub too: Maria the Producer