Makin' Some Noise

I know that, because you’re listening to this podcast that you must love rock n roll music. And when you hear the crackle of a cable being plugged into an amp, or that low buzz from the speaker, there’s just something primal and irresistible that happens to you if you love this type of music. Your whole body responds to it in both a physical and emotional way. It’s not “just” music. It becomes like oxygen for your soul. Makin’ Some Noise just captures that rapturous feeling of delight that we all feel when a groove hits us and the amps blaze that sweet sweet rock n roll onto our synapses via our ear canals.

Today’s episode covers the penultimate song on side two of "Into The Great Wide Open", "Makin' Some Noise".

You can listen to the song here:

You can watch the live version from the Take the Highway release here:

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A last very special thanks to Paul Zollo. Without his book, "Conversations with Tom Petty", this podcast wouldn't be nearly as much fun to research. And further thanks to Warren Zanes for his outstanding book "Petty, the Biography"

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