Alright For Now

Everything is alright. For now at least. And that’s where I think this song becomes much more interesting. Despite the light fluffiness of the verse progression and the sincere expression of adoration in the lyrics, that caveat on the title line, we’re alright “for now” belies a slight tension in Tom’s state of mind. Now, it just could that no other words fit as well as “for now”, but given that Tom was very rarely glib about word choice, I would say that this deliberate inclusion of doubt either betrays his emotional state at the time or possibly his unwillingness to be absolute in his assertion that everything will be fine.

Today’s episode covers the fifth track from side two of Full Moon Fever, Alright For Now.

You can listen to the song here:

For the live version from the Fillmore '97 release, go here: and for the release from the Live Anthology boxet, go here:

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