Steve Sybesma (Co-founder of Deer Creek Music Center)

Steve Sybesma, a longtime concert promoter and one of the partners in the creation of Deer Creek Music Center outside Indianapolis. Sybesma hopped on a call with Marc to tell him about his newly created Indiana concert archive website,, and about his concert promotion journey

00:00 - Intro

00:56 - His new archive website

01:54 - Payouts for some of the biggest bands

03:03 - The first time he wrote a check for a million dollars

04:18 - How he and his partners built their business

04:38 - Sunshine Promotions' competitors

06:41 - The Rolling Stones role in his career

07:28 - Why the Rolling Stones avoided Indianapolis for decades

08:01 - More about

09:10 - The history of Deer Creek Music Center

09:21 - The inspiration to build an outdoor amphitheater

12:09 - What he did after leaving Sunshine Promotions

12:57 - Why he sold out his shares of Sunshine Promotions

15:19 - His plans on writing a book


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