Ernie Hudson: There’s Something Strange in Hollywood

In this special episode Kirby and Amira sit down with the original Black Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson. Ernie talks about the trials and tribulations of surviving Hollywood at a time when Blackness was not openly welcomed. His experience has spanned Blaxploitation to the modern day and he’s been through it all. From stereotypes in Black roles to getting left out of the Ghostbusters franchise Ernie goes in! Don’t miss the slime he spills. See the timestamps below to catch it all. 

(13:20) Military and Marriage at 16!

(19:49) A change ‘gon come in the industry?

(24:41) Rejection in the industry and Ernie’s first chance 

(29:11) Standards and fighting stereotypes in Hollywood

(32:32) Respect and disrespect from the Ghostbuster franchise

(33:32) Being left out of Ghostbusters multiple times and how Ernie keeps his cool 

(38:15) Being black balled and still finding a way 

(41:13) My Black is powerful…

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