The Synthwave Sessions with Luna Coverdale Episode 89

The Synthwave Sessions with Luna Coverdale Episode 89 Featuring

Trevor Something -Lovesong

Arctic Mega Defender -Dreams of Finding Home

Mike Templar -Gates of Xylanthia

Cryo -The Portal

SP84 & Emily Zuzik -Forgiven

Unheard Sirens Incorporated -Fetish For Freedom

Beckett -Invisible

Young Empress -Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

The Lightning Kids -The Boys Of Summer

Neutron Dreams -Timecop1983's Tonight Remix LIVE

Fonz Tramontano / Sarah B LadyBnow -Burning Out

Volker Milch & DURZZO -Set Me On Fire (Remix)

ReveLever -Information

Color Theory -Wrath

James Peden -Angel feat Spaceman 1981

Elevate The Sky (feat. Michael Oakley) -We Are The Dreamers

Liquid Modern -Heart Attack feat. Fuzzle

Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)

Neon Tuesday -Rhythm of the Night (Original)

Cassetter & Annie -Why Should We Wait

Graflex, Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell -Always Over You (Secrets Remix)

Glenn Main -Save a Prayer

Droid Bishop -The Night

Echo Vector X -Box Of Eyes

Manhatten & Star Madman -Change (Do It Again)

Alex Vecchietti -blessed

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