Week 20 Episode 58 - Kicking off the Week

REPUBLISHED FROM WEEK 25 EPISODE 72 – First Published on 27th June 2022

Season 2         Episode No. 58            Week 20          Kicking off the Week


The Sweat 7 is a new kind of weekly workout and a new kind of podcast...


There's a simple guide to this week’s exercises on our Instagram - @thesweat7pod


Hosted by Georgie Okell, a personal trainer, ultra runner and mental health advocate, the Team behind The Smart 7 Podcast have created a brand new fitness experience


It's a new way to workout, with guided fitness routines, delivered with a personal touch and all the information and support you need…


In 7 minutes, Georgie will walk you through 7 routines in a customised HIIT workout with new episodes every week…


In this Episode, we’re focusing on the Lower Body and here are the exercises we’ll be doing


7 – Alternating Reverse Lunges

6 – Hip Openers

5 – Glute Bridges

4 – Reverse Crunches

3 – Side Lunges

2 – Squat

1 – Plank to Squat



Remember, you can stop at any time and pause and if you’re not feeling well, speak to your doctor


This is The Sweat 7 from Daft Doris, the makers of The Smart 7 Podcast

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