Presenting: The Grey Rooms

It all began with a nightmare and a laptop in a kitchen...

What happened next has been described by many listeners as Tales from the Crypt meets Quantum Leap.

Each guest of the Grey Rooms lives a new life every day, only to die repeatedly, begging the question, will they ever find relief or only eternal torment? Once you start listening… you may find it hard to stop checking darkened corners and wondering if you now belong to… The Grey Rooms.

Today on the feed we’re excited to introduce to you a show we love. It’s called The Grey Rooms and it’s my new horror audio obsession.

The Grey Rooms is an audio-horror anthology podcast produced by Jason Wilson, scored by Audioverse Award Winner JM Scherf, and featuring the voice talents of: Graham Rowat, Sara Ruth-Thomas, David Cummings, Erin Lillis, Alistar Mackey, and many others. 

In addition to your typical horror stories, The Grey Rooms also features exclusive interviews with anthology authors, voice actors, and show creators in the Behind the Door supplemental episode segments. 

They already have 100 episodes and four full seasons worth of  material with new Grey Rooms content being released this summer and Season 5 ready to drop this November.

Find The Grey Rooms on Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Spotify, iTunes, or any other podcatcher you choose.