Bonus: The ChickenMan and Other Callers

A strange trip to Taos. A time-traveling dog. And an encounter with the Goatman. More calls from the tipline. 

Written and Created by Jeremy Ellett.


Sarah Nightmare as Alien Implant Caller

Bajio Alvarado as Cadaver Dan

Joshua Maldonado as Concert Sighting Caller

Wilson Apolo as Skeptical Caller

Chris Butera as Goatman Caller

Brice Bankard as MUFON Caller

SumOlives as Los Alamos Caller

Jared I. Magee as Darryl from Lubbock

Danyelle Ellett as Amy Kline

Elliot Gindi as The Lonely Caller

Credits by Garan Fitzgerald

The ‘Therma, New Mexico’ voicemail was written by Shamus Burns. The ‘Lonely Caller’ voicemail was written by Elliot Gindi.

Theme Song and Opening Music provided by Bajio Alvarado. Additional Music provided by Kevin Macleod, Lee Rosevere, and Azolan Sollicitus.

Editing and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett.

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