#171: Mike Israetel; In defence of adding sets for hypertrophy progression; discussion


02:30 Introduction

04:50 Do the volume landmarks clash with the inverted U Volume Hypothesis

19:20 Sensitisation and desensitisation to volume/training stimulus.

32:30 Using soreness as a gauge for auto-regulation.

36:30 Progression of RIR over a mesocycle.

47:15 Exercise Selection and RIR.

56:15 Is set progression only for “athletes”?

1:01:50 Indicators for deloading

1:09:40 If someone doesn’t deload, they are likely not training hard enough.

1:12:00 Mike’s thought’s on why he and Eric seem to continue to disagree while being at the top of the field.

1:28:30 Mike rounds up the discussion.

1:29:10 Where to find Mike and RP strength online.

Where to find Mike and RPstrength online




MASS - Eric Helms' research review - find the article here


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