#176: Jacob Schepis; Hypertrophy phase planning and how to learn about exercise programming.


00:00 introduction and how to synthesise information to apply in a program or coaching

16:00 neurobiological backdrop and recovery and the utility of different programming strategies.

34:00 when to change the plan based off athletes feedback

41:00 how to set up a mesocycle for hypertrophy and macrocycle - how long can we plan out?

52:00 why evidence-based practice is not just science

55:00 should you increase volume over multiple mesocycles (increase volume over the macrocycle or 6-12 months)

1:03:00 my thoughts on the current set progression discussion

1:09:30 What would Jacob need to change his mind on set progression?

1:12:30 Where to find JPS and Jacob online

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