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I’m Gary Raymond, novelist, broadcaster, critic, editor, and common-garden-variety literary obsessive, and I am here to tell you about The Storyteller, a new podcast where I talk to writers such as Sarah Waters, Abi Morgan, Niall Griffiths and many others, about their relationship with the art of storytelling. I want to get into the marrow of the mechanics, as well as the magic, of storytelling, and I’m going to do it by talking to some masters of the craft. And you can listen to it from September in all the usual places you get your podcasts.

The Storyteller podcast forms part of the extended universe of my new substack fiction serial, JellyBread, where, after a lifetime of enjoying, studying, obsessing, over the art of storytelling, and writing three novels and a mountain of articles, I’m picking apart everything I’ve learned to tell the story of my hometown in a newsletter novel format. The Storyteller, alongside some short articles where I muse on matters of process, is the place where I’ll be discussing the things that make stories tick – from influences, to theory, to the building blocks – join me over the next few months to find out just what makes the art of storytelling so powerful.

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