S3E08 The Backwards Man



This week on The Storage Papers, a letter of resignation is submitted when research into a new drug compound undergoing clinical trials at SCIC incites dreams that may possibly turn out to be the only known evidence of a gruesome homicide committed in Escondido.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Blood, gore, and violence




The Storage Papers is distributed and marketed by Rusty Quill and produced by Grinner Media LLC. It’s a fictional horror audio drama with episodes published every two weeks. Some topics may be sensitive for younger viewers. For additional details, visit:







This episode was written and performed by Jeremy Enfinger. 

Episode artwork by Nathan Lunsford. 

Sound effects and music by Zapsplat. 

Episode Music, “Dream Atmos 2”, “S3 Track 1” and “Intro VII” by Cody Ditzenberger. 





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