S4E7: The Pyramidion

Jeremy retrieves a package left by Dr. Patel, which contains new documents containing insights and information involving what Malcolm is looking for. Brianne and Jeremy make some progress with the encrypted medical files and are shocked at what they uncover.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Murder, child experimentation, general horror.

ABOUT: The Storage Papers is distributed and marketed by Rusty Quill and produced by Grinner Media LLC.  It’s a fictional horror audio drama with episodes published every two weeks.  Some topics may be sensitive for younger viewers.  Transcripts and content warnings can be found on our website.  For additional details, visit:


  • This episode was written by Nathan Lunsford and performed by Jeremy Enfinger
  • Sound effects and music by Zapsplat
  • Episode Music, “Intro VI”, “Close Your Eyes”, “With a Flashlight ”, “Eyelashes Have Left My Head ”, and “ ” by Cody Ditzenberger


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