S3E07 Spring Break



On this week’s episode of The Storage Papers, Deandre visits his sister at San Diego State University on a weekend in her dormitory. The parties are lively, and sexual tension is in the air when he encounters someone a little bit different than the other college girls in the building. What he thinks is turning into a sexual fantasy turns out to be a feeding session for a predatory monster.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Sexual themes, blood, drug references




The Storage Papers is distributed and marketed by Rusty Quill and produced by Grinner Media LLC. It’s a fictional horror audio drama with episodes published every two weeks. Some topics may be sensitive for younger viewers. For additional details, visit:







This episode was written and performed by Jeremy Enfinger. 

Episode artwork by Nathan Lunsford. 

Sound effects and music by Zapsplat. 

Episode Music, “Close Your Eyes”, “Don’t Wake Up”, “Shoelaces” and “I Eat Various Pieces of Rubber and Metal” by Cody Ditzenberger. 





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